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Insurance policies and claims are often unnecessarily complex and confusing. Here, we offer tips on how to file a successful claim, how to understand what coverage you have, and what to do if a claim is wrongly denied or undervalued.
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What is an Insurance Claim?

What is an Insurance Claim?

Insurance claims are formal requests from a policyholder to the insurance carrier to compensate them for covered damages. If you are considering filing a lawsuit for an insurance claim denial, contact Wallace Law today.

April 30, 2024

Why Was My Lincoln Financial Group Long-Term Care Insurance Claim Denied?

Are you wondering if Lincoln Financial Group might be engaging in bad faith practices? An experienced insurance dispute attorney can help you fight a denied long-term care claim.

Long-Term Care Denial: How to Help a Loved One in Need

Long-term care insurance ensures a person with an extended illness can get reimbursed for assistance with basic needs like bathing and dressing. For some people, it's their only option.

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