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Insurance policies and claims are often unnecessarily complex and confusing. Here, we offer tips on how to file a successful claim, how to understand what coverage you have, and what to do if a claim is wrongly denied or undervalued.
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Health Insurance Claim Denials on the Rise

Health Insurance Claim Denials on the Rise

About 17 of every 100 healthcare claims are denied. Are you in this boat? Read more about your legal options here.

September 12, 2023

What is the Difference Between an Insurance Claim Lawyer and a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring the right type of lawyer gives your case the best chance of success. Review how insurance claim lawyers and personal injury lawyers differ here.

Can You Sue for Life Insurance Proceeds?

Life insurance companies might try to prevent paying bereaved beneficiaries what they're owed. Wallace Law can help.

Can A Health Insurance Company Deny A Claim?

Health insurance companies can — and often do — deny claims. Luckily, consumers can challenge these denials. Wallace Law can guide you through the process.

Tornado Insurance Claims: How to File + Common Reasons for Denials

Tornadoes hit more than 1,000 homes in a year, making it all the more important for your insurance company to cover your property damage. When a tornado hits your home and pocket, Wallace Law is here to help.

5 Reasons Why Your Property Insurance Claim May Have Been Denied

Make sure your property insurance claim is as successful as possible by avoiding these five common pitfalls.

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