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John Roust

December 29, 2022

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100% satisfaction! We went on a European cruise and my father bought travel insurance for the trip but during the trip became ill and was admitted to a French hospital and ended up dying there, and in the process accumulating a very large insurance bill. The travel policy was supposed to cover 100% of that bill but after paying for an aborted Medevac flight for my dad before his death, the insurance company stopped responding to requests from France and from us to pay the hospital. But Justice Wallace saved the day! He did a marvelous job in negotiating with the travel insurance company and ultimately convinced them to fulfill their obligation without ever having to go to court to settle the matter. I cannot speak more highly about his competence and sense of dedication to the client.



Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage to a neighbor’s property?

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How can a fire damage insurance claim lawyer help me?

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Is wind damage to a fence covered by insurance?

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February 19, 2024

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We’ve recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients who faced denied or underpaid insurance claims. Don’t leave money on the table: Hire Wallace Law today.



Secured for a $90,000 life insurance claim, originally denied.

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