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Insurance policies and claims are often unnecessarily complex and confusing. Here, we offer tips on how to file a successful claim, how to understand what coverage you have, and what to do if a claim is wrongly denied or undervalued.
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?

If you've been affected by a tornado, there's no time to waste. While most basic homeowners policies do cover damage from tornadoes, an insurance company may deny your coverage for all the wrong reasons.

March 05, 2024

Long-Term Care Denial: How to Help a Loved One in Need

Long-term care insurance ensures a person with an extended illness can get reimbursed for assistance with basic needs like bathing and dressing. For some people, it's their only option.

Can You Sue An Insurance Company for Denying a Claim?

Insurance companies reject life, property, travel, and health insurance claims every day. Wallace Law can help.

Most Common Types of Property Damage Claims in the Winter

If your insurance company has delayed, underpaid, or refused to pay for your property damage claim, consult an insurance dispute lawyer to hold your insurers accountable.

Travel Insurance Refusing to Cover Winter Travel Disruptions? Here’s What to Do

Travel insurance usually covers events that are considered "unforeseen," or out of your control. A denied travel insurance claim does not necessarily mean you have no hope of recovering compensation.

5 Reasons Why Your Property Insurance Claim May Have Been Denied

Make sure your property insurance claim is as successful as possible by avoiding these five common pitfalls.

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