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My insurance company denied my claim. Is there anything I can do?

October 26, 2022

Home » FAQs » My insurance company denied my claim. Is there anything I can do?

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Denied claims aren’t necessarily final. Policyholders still have the option to appeal the decision. If you met all of the conditions of your coverage and your policy covers the type of damage you are submitting a claim for, very likely you can overturn the denial. It is recommended that you hire an insurance dispute lawyer who can review the terms of your policy and help you appeal the decision.



Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage to a neighbor’s property?

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How can a fire damage insurance claim lawyer help me?

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Is wind damage to a fence covered by insurance?

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We’ve recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients who faced denied or underpaid insurance claims. Don’t leave money on the table: Hire Wallace Law today.



Secured for a $90,000 life insurance claim, originally denied.

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